Surface design

surface design
surface design
Tips on how to upgrade your space
with simple surface design techniques
using colour and print.
When you live and work in the same space it can be quite difficult to concentrate and feel ready to work and get things done.  With the new revolution and change in business structures and dynamics, working from home has become a standard way of living for many (me included). It starts with a change of attitude to become more productive in your work space. The human mind is very susceptible to what is visually around it and that is why colour, texture and patterns are all very important.
Here are some small and cost effective ways to improve your space:
  1. Paint your walls or a single wall a different colour. Colour is known and proven to affect the mood of a space and the people in it. If you are feeling anxious in your work space try a calming colour like blue or a fresh green, perhaps even a grey but be careful not to make it too dark (Try avoid red and bright yellow). Bright colours can work well if the space you are in is dull. Take care to match your colours well to the space. If you are in small space dont try dark colours they will make your space seem smaller, but if you really like a dark colour you could always make a feature wall with this colour and leave the other walls a lighter complimentary colour. An Estimated cost for a space of about 7m of wall width with a 3m height is about R500. You’ll need a minimum of 5litres of paint. Dulux has all you need. Most of the larger towns in South Africa will have a dulux and if you live in a city you’ll definitely find a paint shop.
  2. Bring in some textures that speak your language. Try and focus on why you don’t enjoy the space anymore and solve those problems first. Look for textures that create focus, you don’t want to be distracted by the busyness of your space. These textures could be brought in by a hanging art piece, a desk surface, an indoor plant holder, a throw on the couch if you have one, and other little objects that help create the focus in your space. The cost would vary but you could definitely make a stop at the hospice/charity  shop, second hand furniture shops or second hand facebook groups to find something that could work at a very affordable price.
  3. Bring in some pattern and have some fun with design. It starts with one object/line/shape that you might have a liking for and would work in a repeating pattern somewhere in your office. Take note that you don’t want to be too ambitious and reinvent the wheel; try something that has worked for many repeating patterns in homes and give it a small personal touch. You can get loads of inspiration online on most ecommerce and blog sights. Nature and geometry is a safe style to begin with. A leaf pattern, for example, in a big print placed at different angles (forming a pattern) can do wonders. A geometric theme that has always worked for many different spaces is another style that is simple. It creates a feeling of precision and culture from its detailed placement of arrows and triangles in the pattern. This step will depend on how many meters you will print – an estimate cost would be R80 per meter of fabric and then R200 per meter printing ( check out https://smartart.co.za/)

    To get started designing – choose one or two elements (flower or shape) and print a few copies (life sized) to cut out and place inside a square block. Draw up a square block and place the element around and inside the square – take note that you need to create a repeat block so you will need to position each element in its repeating form as well. This is important to set up a correct repeat pattern.  Once you have completed this you can create it digitally by using adobe xd or something more simple like a pattern app on your phone/laptop like https://repper.app/design/
  4. Bring in a mood board to remind yourself of your inspirations and why you are doing what you do. I use a felt board with pins and pin up anything that helps me think like a designer, in your case you’ll need something that speaks to you and makes you feel like the professional that you are!
To conclude:
colour, texture, pattern and mood boards are simple and cost effective ways to help you enjoy your work space again and be more productive.
For more ideas send me a message and I’ll me happy to chat and help you out. I am a qualified surface and textile designer and have a passion for functional but interesting spaces.
Send me email I’d love to hear your project and advise: info@bpureprojects.com